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I have a keen eye for recognizing talented young designers and artists who are as yet unknown and whose work is still affordable.

discovered and promoted:
1983: acquired work from Marlène Dumas and Erik Andriesse long before their breakthrough
1984: worked on the Dutch presentations of Memphis and Ettore Sottsass
1985: introduced Michele De Lucchi and Bořek Šípek in the Netherlands
1990: introduced Hannes Wettstein in the Netherlands
1993: acquired work from Gijs Assmann, Hans van Houwelingen, Henri Jacobs, Janpeter Muilwijk, Andrei Roiter and Rinke Nijburg
1994: introduced Jasper Morrison in the Netherlands
1995: introduced Maarten van Severen in the Netherlands
1996: introduced Konstantin Grcic in the Netherlands
1998: promoted Ineke Hans
2000: acquired work from Dick van Hoff
2005: promoted Toshiyuki Kita
2006: curated “Ontwerpers maken ruimte” with among others Joris Laarman and Jurgen Bey
2007: curated exhibition of young Belgian talent with among others Xavier Lust, Bram Boo and Sylvain Willenz
2009: curated exhibition of young German talent with among others Johannes Hemann and Mathias Hahn
2009: acquired work from Tomàs Gabzdil Libertiny

My keen eye is at your service to advise on building up your collection.

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