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  H-arp lamp Daniel Weil & Gerard Taylor
  H-arp lamp (1987)
Daniel Weil & Gerard Taylor
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Consult Peter van Kester on...

collecting art
You want to collect but you wonder if it’s safe to buy on the internet? How do auctions work and how can you recognize a fake? Are galleries open to negotiation? And as your collection grows, how do you keep it coherent?

collecting design
Design objects are becoming more interesting for collectors. Which designers should you be watching out for? Should you buy unique objects or limited editions? What precisely is vintage? To what extent are current prices realistic?

downsizing/inheritance/division of estate
You are moving to a smaller house and must dispose of objects or you inherit art and design objects from a loved one. How do you value objects? What objects would sell best at auction and what in a gallery? Which objects should go to a charity shop?

corporate gifts
You are looking for an original gift with a personal touch. Designers can help you. And I can find the right designer to suit your vision.

By offering advice and assistance in building up a collection. I do this through personal coaching and visits to exhibitions, galleries, auction houses, and art and design fairs. I can also discreetly locate specific objects and artworks.